Today marks the day when Odobros is launching a new version of the website. The site has been adapted to more modern standards but also to be better accustomed to our WoW guild on the Nostalrius PVE-server.

We plan to publish news regarding the organization but also a chance for our CS:GO players to see their stats and our WoW players to see their current DKP as well as an introduction platform for future members.

While the website is launched it is by no means complete. We are planning to add several new features where a brand new forum is especially sought after. In the meantime we recommend our players to use our Discord server for communications.

We are taking a step into the future and we hope you would like to join us on the ride!



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  • Monstertank
    March 1, 2016 at 13:13 Reply
    If you find any bugs on the site please drop us an email using the contact form on the contact-page.

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