On Wednesday, we made considerable progress in MC where we got both Lucifron and Magmadar down despite the server crash, leaving us at 3/10. We were doing a fine job in MC after getting the tactics straight and managed to kill both Lucifron and Magmadar, very good considering the server crashed and was down for nearly half an hour.

We hope to continue on Sunday and get some more bosses down this week.

Also, I’d like to point out the addons you are required to use when raiding with us.

– BigWigs (boss timers, this one is crucially important.)

Decursive (for decursing/dispelling, vital on fights like Lucifron.)

HealComm (this is built in to Luna so you wont need it if you are running that, it’s showing incoming heals on frames preventing overhealing)

DPSMate (DPS-meter, used to gather raid-stats, not mandatory)

– KLHThreatMeter (KTM) (Threat meter)

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  • Aura
    March 10, 2017 at 11:15 Reply
    I was really impressed that we did it with 29 people. See you on Sunday.

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