Hello all old friends,

Odobenus Rosmarus will return to play World of Warcraft on the new server Elysium which is using Nostalrius core. It is indeed exciting to play once again and we hope that all of you guys that played with us on Nostalrius PVE will join again.

There are however news that we believe will anger some of you since we have decided to not return to the old PVE-realm but start fresh on the new realm called Elysium PVP.

Why would we do so you might ask? We believe that while the PVE-realm will remain active in the beginning there is a risk that it will die out in a few months. The new PVP-realm will have a huge population ensuring the longevity of the realm and the guild. It will also be fantastic to level up together and let’s be honest, half of the fun with vanilla is the leveling experience.

Here are a few pinpointers about our guilds future

  • Play on Elysium PVP
  • We will return with side as we get closer to the time of release.
  • Questing and doing dungeons as a guild until we hit 60 when..
  • Organized raids in UBRS and early Molten Core to gear up the guild.
  • Loot system will be Loot Council to make loot distributed quickly, something we learned from old time on Nostalrius.
  • A few officers and class leaders will be appointed soon.



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