Odobenus Rosmarus and Classic – what you can expect

As the release of World of Warcraft Classic draws closer (August 27) there are a few things that we would like to mention.

We have decided to play as Alliance (after a fairly democratic process) and will be on EU-PVP. As realm names are not yet stated we are not able to tell where.

Once the servers launch we hope that all our previous members from Elysium (later Lights Hope) join up as well as newcomers willing to be part of an awesome community. Members will team up and level in their pace and should be level 60 after a month and a half.

We are looking to have a team of about 60 players willing to raid in order to have healthy competition as well as a possibility to rotate. Vanilla WoW is initially not very hard and MC tends to become routine very quickly, having a larger player base ensures the motivation of our raiders.

We will raid three times a week 1930-22.30, most likely on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Sundays which is the same schedule as before.

Loot will be distributed with a loot council and it is possible that we use the same system like before that two random members from the raid is part of it as well as all the officers.

Officer roles will be given to players along the way of leveling as well as before. If you are interested in becoming an officer hit me up on Discord and we will talk. Ideally we would be about 7-8 officers and skip class leaders.

All viable classes and roles are welcome however if you plan to play tank we would like to know in advance to make sure that we don’t have 7 members aspiring to main tank in MC.

Who are we?

Odobenus Rosmarus, or Odobros as we like to call us, is a classic wow guild that have been around on private servers for quite some time. Last time we played was on Lights Hope (previously Elysium) and we cleared all current content (BWL) before Blizzard announced Classic which led us to pause the guild and motivate ourselves for the real deal. Even though it is now more than 1,5 year since we stopped raiding together we have been hanging out in Discord chatting. We expect most of our old players to return to us.

How do I join you?
Please see information here.

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