As all of you know the launch of the server is coming closer, the 7’th of January, and here is a final guild update.


When the server launches we encourage our members to be on discord and create groups for leveling. It’s obviously going to be tough in the beginning to tag mobs so co-operation until lvl 10 is probably a good idea.

Also, have in mind that it will take some time to form the guild since some gold is required, we might ask in discord for a donation of some silver from each member to get it started 🙂


As of now, we are looking excellent in terms of members and the only class we are lacking is resto shamans and holy priests, about 2 of each. We expect to run with 8+ healers in the beginning when progressing to make it easier and keep our tanks alive. Speaking of tanks we are looking very solid on that matter and have as of some time ago filled those spots up.

Also, we are very closed on rogues and warlocks so all future applications will, unless they are very well written, be declined.

Have in mind that official raids won’t start for another 4 weeks after launch and we encourage all of our members to reach lvl 60 and get groups for UBRS going. Since UBRS has no weekly reset it will be run on a daily basis.

Rush to 60?

We do not want you guys to rush to lvl 60 since we know many of you are playing to enjoy the leveling experience of vanilla however it would be good if we have a solid group of 60’s after 3/4 weeks to start pre-raid gearing.

Character names

It’s very likely that some of you won’t get the name you applied as which is normal. Just notify any of the officers or me the name you applied as when asking for an invite.  

See you on the server!

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