Here’s a status report regarding the guild. The plan is to post one weekly prior to the release.

We are looking good in terms of number but continue to recruit players to be as many as possible when the server releases. We are expecting a release date by next week (28/11-4/12) which will help us plan even more.

Player numbers

In the last week our player number has risen significantly thanks to recruitment posts on the official Elysium forums and subreddit. We are currently around 30 players confirmed and our hope is that we by the time server is launching will be 50. The reason for such a hefty number is that we believe that quite a few will drop off during the leveling period, something that is normal. We do know that we require 25 players to start clearing in MC and Onyxia, however it would be optimal if we would be 40 in the beginning though since we might run into MC without all our pre-raid BIS.

Guild plan

Speaking of pre-raid BiS the plan for the guild on launch is obviously to form groups for leveling since mob tagging might be hard with so many people in the starting zones. After we have reached level 60 the plan is to do UBRS with multiple groups as well as making sure everyone is attuned to MC and Onyxia.


We have a forums where not only applications to the is made but also a place for our players to discuss their class and read guides that have been posted. It is our ambition to provide a class guide for every single class. Registering for the forums can either be done on the top right on this website or at the forums themselves, it doesn’t matter which you choose though the process is slightly easier on the forums.

Raid calendar

We have a raid calendar where you are supposed to sign up for our upcoming raids. You access it by clicking “Raids” in the menu and login with the same information you have on the forums/website. It’s important that you use it and not doing so might result in us not taking you with us when raiding.

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