Status report #2 prior to Elysium release.

Since the last post the roster of the guild has filled up even more and while people still are changing classes from time to time we look very good with enough tanks, healers and DPS already. Let’s not forget that when we played on the Nostalrius PVE-server we managed to down content in MC/Ony with only 25 players.

We didn’t get a release date for the server yet (supposed to get one on the 25’th of december) but we do know that it will be next year in january, my guess somewhere around 1’st or 2nd weekend of it. This means that we have plenty of time to  enjoy the christmas holidays and new years with our families rather than WoW :).

New project on the site – add-ons 

There are many shady pages floating around the internet with add-ons for vanilla present. To make sure that our add-ons are clean and free from virus we will create a page with the most common add-ons ready for download from our site or, if the add-on is still in development, to it’s github-page.

Nostalrius PVE-server releasing on Saturday 17/12

On Saturday, 17/12. our old PVE-server will be released. Many of us will naturally log in to our old toons and say hi to our old friends, hopefully we can even get some to follow us to the new Elysium PVP-realm. There is a chance that some spontaneous MC-runs will be organized just for fun (group loot).

Recruitment still open

We are still very much open to new recruits and have spots open for everything except for rogues and prot-warriors. If you’d like to apply to us, please don’t hesitate to do so in our forums.

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