Hello everyone,

We have preliminary decided on the date of the first raid. It will be Sunday the 5’th of March 19.30. We are excited about the date as we are expecting to have a full guild lineup in Molten Core by then.

Some have asked me why the date is put so “late” as it’s 4 weeks until then and we already have plenty of level 60’s in the guild.

First of all everyone is still required to do UBRS/BRD/Strat/Scholo-runs for their pre-raid BiS prior to the raid.

Secondly, many of us have full time jobs and we can not require our members to be level 60 already now and start raiding next week. Have in mind that by the time BWL hits (in the summer) we will all be fully geared and ready to play on the day of release. There is no need for us to stress through current raid content and be sitting and waiting 6 months for the next tier to release.

Finally I’d like to remind everyone about registering for the raids. It can be done on our raid-site here. It is mandatory to sign up for raids and those who have not signed up will not be invited to the raid. It is incredibly important for the officers to know who will come to the raid in order to already beforehand arrange the raid groups with buffs etc. To register for the raid, log in with the same username and password that is used on the forums. If you have not registered yourself on the forum you need to do that here.

Furthermore we will organize UBRS-run in the upcoming weeks to make sure that our members get their pre-raid bis.

If you have any questions you could whisper me either in game or, preferably, on discord.



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