Loot system and how it works.

We have given a lot of thought on what system to use for loot distribution and decided to use a transparent, and fair, loot council. We are still considering using DKP but for now we will stick with council.

The officers of the guild and one random member of the guild (rotating each raid improving the transparency of the council) are in a channel discussing the item and to whom it should go.

When an item drops, it is linked in chat and those who need it write Need and link their current item(s).

The loot council then discusses who should get the item and why. The things that are taken into consideration when handing out loot are generally:

– The player’s time in the guild – a newcomer usually need to prove stability over some time after joining to ensure that he/she is not only joining the guild for gear.

– Their place in the guild, for example the main tank over an off tank.

– The improvement over their current gear – In general those with a significantly worse gear gets the item however this is not the case if the player have not gotten the easily acquired pre-raid BIS gear. We will go through a few examples in the end is this post.

– How often they attend raids compared to the others interested. We are tracking raid attendance using the same system that is used for signing up for the raids.

– How many drops they have gotten recently

– Their other contributions to the guild

– What is best for the guild.

– Main characters get preference over alts

– If there is no difference between two people needing the item a roll between those will be carried out to decide who gets the item.


The [Shard of the Scale] from Onyxia drops.
It is linked in chat like this: [Shard of the Scale].

Fantomen links his current items, [Eye of the Beast] [Shard of Afrasa].
Moonbeam links her current items: [Shard of Afrasa] [Second Wind].

Moonbeam would in this case win the item since Fantomen does not have the quite easily acquired trinket from BRD.

All loot given out is being tracked on the forums for even more transparency.

You are expected to bring consumables for the raid including elixirs and buff food. For now you do not need to buy flasks since they are around 100g each.
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