Blackwing Lair falls after fighting the orb – further recruitment

Blackwing Lair fell within 2h of us entering the instance, the other 2h of the raid night we spent furiously clicking at the orb and staring at Tauren models. We are also recruiting a Prot warrior, feral druid, warlock and a priest. Contact any of the officers on discord or in game for more.

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Recruitment ahead of BWL & record MC

Blackwing Lair is estimated to come out some time next year and we are currently recruiting additional players. Also, we broke a new guild record the other week with a 50 minute MC-run.

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We are recruiting

We are eagerly awaiting the release of WoW-Classic and will play on Firemaw-PVP. We are also recruiting!

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Odobenus Rosmarus and Classic – what you can expect

As the release of World of Warcraft Classic draws closer (August 27) there are a few things that we would like to mention.

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World of Warcraft Classic and Blizzcon

We will be back for Classic and more details are to follow. Let´s watch the Blizzcon presentation and later Q&A together in Discord to hype ourselves up!

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A new beginning

It has been some turbulent weeks to say the least. We have had people leaving, new people coming in, Blizzard announcing retail vanilla and in general some huge challenges for the guild.

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Nefarian bites the dust – all current content cleared

After a few weeks of troubles and lags we were finally able to win! All content is now cleared and we are eagerly awaiting ZG. Great performance by everyone in the guild!

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Chromaggus is ded – only Nefarian left!

Chromaggus has been slain and only Nefarian remains of the current content. 

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First night in Blackwing Lair & further recruitment

We walked in BWL the other night and managed to kill Razorgore on the 4’th attempt, excellent! 

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Ragnaros is down!

After a fantastic raid we managed to one-shot Ragnaros which makes us 10/10, 1/1. Fantastic job by all members of the guild!

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