The faction for Elysium PVP has been decided – horde!

We have decided, after intensive discussions, to play as Horde on the new Elysium PVP-server.

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Old guildmates research – will you play with us on Elysium?

Hello, We are conducting a research to see how many of our old guild members will join for Elysium. Please fill out the form by clicking read more. 

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Odobenus Rosmarus returns for Elysium fresh PVP server

Hello all old friends, Odobenus Rosmarus will return to play World of Warcraft on the new server Elysium which is using Nostalrius core. 

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The death of Nostalrius and what to do next – Horde @PlayTBC PVE

Due to the unfortunate shutdown of Nostalrius many of us in the guild have been having thoughts on where to go next. While we wait for a copy of Nost. to pop up we have decided to play on the new TBC-server, We have decided to play on the PVE-server called Nile. Join us on […]

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Onyxia down!

Tonight, we killed Onyxia in an impressive manner!

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Molten Core progress

We made considerable progress last week in Molten Core killing first Lucifron and then Magmadar with only 25 players!

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We are recruiting

Odobenus Rosmarus is recruiting talented and devoted players for our raid group on the Nostalrius PVE-server.

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Welcome to a new version of

Today marks the day when Odobros is launching a new version of the website. The site has been adapted to more modern standards but also to be better accustomed to our WoW guild on the Nostalrius PVE-server.

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