It has been some turbulent weeks to say the least. We have had people leaving, new people coming in, Blizzard announcing retail vanilla and in general some huge challenges for the guild.

So with everything considered, we are going to restructure the guild with some new rulesets to help spread the work during the raids. and not have people feeling that they have to carry the rest of the group. Consumables being required (Not flasks) and atleast ZG and ONY buff for every raid, and in general a more focused and a more strict raid, especially during the latest raid tier that we are working on. The raid performance will also be a way bigger factor during our raids from now on, and looked at when we decide loot and raidspots.

We will also change the leadership to some extent with Classleaders to help spread the workload and quicken up validations every week. There might also be changes to officers and even Guild leader (Nothing decided yet)

We will also require you to sign up atleast 24 hours before the raid starts, if you are uncertain about if you can attend, sign up with a comment of your situation. If you dont sign before 24h or come later without any notice, you will be replaced. We are also looking for someone who wants to take the lead during our raids, together with Zechti (He will mainly be pushing the trash pulls).

But before everything is set in stone, and we decide classleaders, raidleaders and everything mentioned we need to know who wants to continue down this path with us. We are atleast gonna try to get this guild up and running again, if we see that a large enough number of people feels the same way. If you want to continue (And if you are interrested in a classleader role/raidleader role, or even want to maybe join our officer ranks), give Rottenwalker a msg on disc or ingame.

So to summarize:
1. Class leaders
2. A new raidleader, which will be Zechti and someone else.
3. We’re going to a more strict ruleset:
• Be online and ready to get invited between 19:00 & 19:05
• Be in Booty Bay ready to get ZG buff at 19:10, then ony buff
• Be ready to move from Kargath with the guild at 19:20.
You are ofcourse allowed to be fully buffed, logged out in Kargath
• Have all raidconsumables available (Flask not included)
• Keep the Discord clean during raids and don’t auto-pilot. When we tell you don’t AoE, you don’t AoE.
• Sign up 24 hours before the raid. This is for us to be able to make a proper raid composition.
If you aren’t signed up 24 hours before the raid you will not get a spot
• Not paying attention, trolling etc will be punished harder than before. Everybody makes mistakes sometimes, but basic stuff like overaggroing, asspulling, wiping the whole raid because of being AFK etc. These things will get punished harder.

Also letting everyone know that changes to the guild rooster might be done once everything is settled. We will have to look at that when that time comes.

From now on we will be doing MC first every week, if we are done with MC lets say 21.00 or before, we will go and do as much we can in BWL, then continue BWL on Thursday.

I would also remind people that every BWL raid from now on, will basically be a progress run until we got the tanks geared up again. So please come with the mindset that you had while we were doing progress runs, and not the mindset that we are here to burst through everything. There will be wipes, and there will be frustration, but i am positive that we can get past it.


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