3 weeks after launch – guild update


Hello everyone,

It’s gone slightly more than 3 weeks since the server launch and the guild have stabilized in terms of members and it’s a lot easier to see what we are missing and what the future holds.

Prior to the launch we had a list of 47 members that we were anticipating for the launch. Out of those around 35 joined us on release.

Post the launch we have had an influx of members making the total amount of guild members close 45 unique players. This is a number we are quite happy about for now though we will recruit a few more in the upcoming weeks. Out of those 45 active members, around 35 have reached lvl 30 or higher and could therefore be considered committed to the server. It is always a risk when playing vanilla that a few players will drop due to the leveling being quite slow or, like in Elysium’s case, very long queues in the beginning.

We currently have about 7 members already level 60 or close to level 60 and we encourage those to already do UBRS-runs and, if they feel like suffering, get the key to dito in LBRS.

Below is some player statistics from the guild with the amount of players we have of each role and class. Bear in mind that this only includes characters above level 30.

These statistics tell us quite a bit in our future needs. As you can all see we have plenty of healers, however only 3 priests, we would like to have quite a few due to dispels. We also can notice that we are lacking warriors, both protection (1) and fury (2). Also, we could have one more mage.

What about raiding then? 

We will start raiding as soon as possible, we need about 20 people on level 60. We haven’t set a specific date for the first raid yet but we are expecting to have started before the end of february.





Credit to Brent Noll for the amazing drawing.





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